Subscriptions have different functionalities depending on who the viewer is. For more information, read through the guides for each view.

Subscriptions - merchant view

As a merchant, you can define which products allow subscriptions, view and edit subscription records and create an order with subscription products.

Product configuration

If subscriptions are enabled, you can create a subscription product. Go to WooCommerce > Products and create a new product or edit the product you want to turn into a subscription. Select Converge subscription or Converge variable subscription as the product type.

Set the terms for the subscription, including:

  • Subscription Price
  • Introductory Rate (optional)
  • Billing Frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, early)
  • Ending

WooCommerce Admin – Add simple subscription product

The Converge variable subscription product type is similar to Variable product. Each variation in a Converge variable subscription contains the options for subscriptions: Subscription Price, Introductory Rate, Billing Frequency and Ending.

WooCommerce Admin – Add variable subscription product

View and edit subscriptions

As a merchant, you can view the list of subscriptions under WooCommerce > Converge Subscriptions.

WooCommerce Admin – List of subscriptions

If you select one of the subscriptions, you can view more details and edit it.

WooCommerce Admin – Subscription details

If the WooCommerce status is not synchronized with the Converge status of a subscription, you will be notified to update it.

WooCommerce Admin – Status update notification

If the status allows, you can cancel the subscription.

WooCommerce Admin – Cancel subscription

Renewal orders are manually created. Check the transaction history and create orders for the transactions that have this option.

WooCommerce Admin – Create order

Subscriptions - customer view

As a customer, you can purchase one or more subscription products. Once your order has been created, you can view and manage your subscriptions.

Placing an order with subscription products

You can select products with subscriptions from the store and add them to the cart. After choosing a subscription product, the details can be reviewed by opening the shopping cart.

WooCommerce Store – Cart with subscription products

The initial order will contain the list of related Converge subscriptions. 

View and edit subscriptions

Customers can view their subscriptions by navigating to the following screen: WooCommerce Store > My Account > Converge Subscriptions.

WooCommerce Store – List of subscriptions

After selecting a subscription, you can view the details about the status, products and related orders. Also, if the status allows, you can change the payment method or cancel the subscription.

WooCommerce Store – Detailed view for a subscription


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