Hosted Payments Overview

Converge provides the fastest way to build a secure payment form.

Hosted Payments

A Converge Hosted Payments Page (HPP) is a web page containing a payment form that is hosted by Converge. Since the page isn't hosted on your server, no PCI sensitive data needs to touch your server.

A Hosted Payment Page is the best option for businesses that want a checkout form that gathers information without having to go through a lengthy integration process. You can configure a shopper's experience with the hosted payments form using the following options:

  • Lightbox
  • Redirect
  • Payment Links


With a lightbox display, Converge opens a modal window 'over the top' of your website with a payment form inside the modal. Your shopper can enter payment information and checkout while remaining within 'viewing distance' of your website. We recommend Lightbox for e-commerce and other website integrations as opening a payment form on top of your existing site gives shoppers a more unified look and feel between their shopping and checkout experiences on your site.

An example of a  Hosted Payments Lightbox form. It is displayed in a semi-transparent modal window covering a merchant's page.


With a redirect display, a shopper is 'moved' to a checkout page that is entirely separate from the page they were originally on.

An example of a Hosted Payment Redirect. It routes a customer to an external page hosted by Elavon where they can input payment data.

Payment Links

Payment Links are another way to present a Hosted Payment Page redirect with some additional options. You can use this approach to send payment forms to your shoppers using emails, invoices, embeddable payment buttons, or any other service that you can send a link through. Clicking on a Payment Link brings the shopper to a Hosted Payments Page where they can enter their information and complete the checkout.

For more information on generating payment links using the API, see the Payment Links resource.

Data Field Settings

When a shopper clicks the checkout button or link, your site needs to send information to Converge before the Hosted Payments Page can launch. Converge can either receive billing, shipping, and email address information for a shopper, or it can collect that information for you as part of the checkout.

If you want to minimize the responsibility on your site, you can have your Converge Hosted Payments Page handle all of the personally-identifying information from a shopper from start to finish.

Look and Feel Styling

You can customize several aspects of the Hosted Payments Page so it closely aligns with the look and feel of your site.

Set Up at a Glance

You can set up a Hosted Payments Page in 3 basic steps.

  1. Configure the look and feel through the Converge UI.
  2. Configure your server and website to securely pass data to Converge.
  3. Create a website that can generate a payment session in the API when a shopper decides to check out.

Browser Requirements

Shoppers accessing the hosted payments page will need to use a supported browser. The Hosted Payments Page is tested and confirmed to run on the recent version and one version prior of Chrome and Firefox. 

The Hosted Payments Page does not support Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.


There are different URLs for both testing and production. When you go live, make sure the URLs are changed to the production versions.

  • Test:{resource}
  • Production:{resource}


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