Opayo Retail Cloud Overview

Opayo Retail Cloud is an innovative solution that decouples the Point of Sale (POS) system from a direct integration to the card payment terminal. The solution is fully cloud-based where the POS posts payment requests to the Opayo gateway. The card terminal automatically pulls the payment requests from the gateway, guides the customer through the transaction and the gateway, and then responds to the POS with the outcome of the transaction.

Opayo Retail Cloud Overview
Opayo Retail Cloud Overview

HTTP Communications

The POS posts requests to the gateway via an HTTP POST request over a secure TLS channel. The POS waits for a response from the gateway on the same connection.

HTTP Authentication

The gateway uses HTTP Basic Authentication. Each merchant will be provided with a password. As per the Basic Authentication specification, the password must be encoded in Base64 and stored in the "Authorization" field of the HTTP header. There is a Merchant Identifier in the HTTP payload that will be used in conjunction with the password to validate the merchant.

HTTP Payload

The request/response HTTP payload is in JSON format. As such, content type must be set as "application/json". Each payload is constructed with a number of sections as described in the individual request/response sections.