New Installation

The steps to install the Elavon Converge EU Gateway plugin are:

  1. Unzip archive.

  2. Login to your Magento 2.x hosting site using SSH/FTP connection.

  3. Open the Magento root directory.

  4. Copy the unzipped files into the Magento root folder.

    Magento root folder structure should look like this:


  5. Update the environment configuration page (app/etc/env.php) with the following lines below the “install” option:

    'install' => [
    		'date' => 'Thu, 27 Jun 2019 09:30:42 +0000'
    	'payment' => [
    		'elavon_convergegateway_converge2' => [
    			'sandbox_api_url' => '',
    			'sandbox_hpp_url' => ''
  6. To enable module from console line open the Magento root directory and run command:
    bin/magento module:enable Elavon_ConvergeGateway

    List of enabled modules you can check with command: bin/magento module:status


    • To update the database schema and modules run command: bin/magento setup:upgrade

    • To clear the cache run the command: bin/magento cache:flush

    This completes the module installation.


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