Get Refund Status

URL: /api/v1/tx/refundstatus?merchantId={merchantId}&refundId={refundId}&merchantRefundId={merchantRefundId}


DIRECTION: Integrator -> PM Gateway


Parameter Name Type Mandatory Description
merchantId ASCII Yes Merchant Id in Elavon
refundId ASCII No RefundID, provided by PM Gateway. Should be always provided if known. Request is considered valid of at least one of refundId or merchantRefundId is provided. If both are provided, refundId will be used for locating the transaction.
merchantRefundId ASCII No Should be used in very rare cases, when client could not process Refund response and refundId is not known. It is client responsibility to ensure uniqueness of merchantRefundId. If refundId is not provided, PM Gateway will try to locate the refund in context of provided merchantId. If more than one refunds are found with the same id, Error will be returned.

http://{root domain}/api/1/tx/refundstatus?merchantId=1234m&refundId=92ec1400-5965-4196-9a87-604433365e33&merchantRefundId=b49c8898-f8c8-435a-828e-f87f5e



Parameter Name Type Mandatory Description
status ASCII Yes

Status of Refund request. One of:

  • PENDING - refund is being processed
  • DECLINED - refund failed
  • SUCCEEDED - refund is successful
refundId ASCII Yes Refund identifier in PM. Always a valid refund identifier is returned. Possible values : [a-zA-Z0-9 -]. Max length 30 symbols.
merchantRefundId ASCII Yes Value of merchantRefundId set in the request.
errorMessage UTF-8 No Human readable message, up to 200 characters. Set in case of error code <> ERR_OK
error ASCII Yes Error code. Refer to possible error codes for more info.
payload JSON No Key - value json structure. Used to set payment type specific parameters.
fundState ASCII No

Define the funds status. Mandatory when status is set to SUCCEEDED.

Possible values:

  • FUNDS_RECEIVED - shopper refunded successfully
  • FUNDS_REJECTED - shopper's account is not refunded


Error Codes

All error codes from Refund Response are valid, in addition the following error codes:

Error Code Description
ERR_TX_NOT_FOUND Requested transaction is not found in PM Database, or more than one transaction is found with the same merchantRefundId.


Example Response:

JSON Encoded
	"status": "DECLINED",
	"refundId": "2f139d20-7a34-4c3f-a808-c5016c21d051",
	"merchantRefundId": "48afcb27-8ba5-4b36-aedf-4be2a8",
	"errorMessage": "\"Refund failed due to... \"",
	"payload": {
		"property1": "value1",
		"property2": "value2"