A refund is the process by which funds (in whole or in part) are returned to a shopper’s account when a transaction status is SUCCEEDED.

Note: A Transaction has Status of SUCCEEDED, may refer to a Refund either being: (a) Funds Received and therefore Approved, or (b) Fund Rejected and therefore refund failed.

The total amount of all the refunds of a given transaction cannot exceed the amount of the transaction. The last refund request received that exceeds the transaction amount will fail.

The Transaction ID and the Short Transaction ID are unique for each transaction, and the refund request should reference the original transaction using one of the unique transaction IDs.

The refund request should have the same currency as the original transaction request – there are no currency conversions provided by PMG.

The maximum allowed refund period is 365 days from the original transaction authorization request.

Note: Some payment schemes have their own limitation of the refund period and a refund could fail for this reason. It’s possible that the fail reason given by the payment scheme is not explicit, so the PMG will only give information about failure from provider without any details.