Authorisation Status Notification

Once authorization status has been changed, there will be a push notification (HTTP POST) to a provided HTTP Endpoint by the API Consumer. HTTP error code 200 is considered as successful delivery. For any unsuccessful delivery, the notification will be retried for finite number of times, with fixed retry interval. The interval and retry times are subject of PM Gateway configurations. Notification does not contain the final status, therefore consumer is obliged to call Get Refund Status API to retrieve the latest authorization status.


URL: To be defined as system configuration in PM Gateway

DIRECTION: PM Gateway -> Client


Field Name Type Mandatory Description
txId ASCII Yes PM Gateway transaction ID
merchantTxId ASCII Yes Transaction ID provided by Merchant in Authorization Request
merchantId UTF-8 Yes Merchant ID, provided in Authorization request


Example Request:

JSON Encoded
	"txId": "92ec1400-5965-4196-9a87-604433365e33",
	"merchantTxId": "b49c8898-f8c8-435a-828e-f87f5e",
	"merchantId": "Merch_123"