Payment Method Gateway


The Payment Method Gateway (PMG) is an API that will allow an integrator to connect to and facilitate payments for a wide range of payment methods globally both for customer present and customer not present.

The PMG does not provide any user interface to trigger a payment – the integrator of the PMG API should provide its own interface to the shopper. However, the PMG will trigger the redirection of the shopper to the payment method provider’s page to complete the payment, and will redirect the shopper after the payment has been completed to a page indicated by the integrator in the initial transaction request.

PMG does not provide any default reconciliation or other report – it can be prepared on demand (*).

(*) An end of day (EOD) reconciliation report based on a new API type of request containing an EOD date and time, will be added soon.


This API specification outlines the requirements to enable the acceptance of payments using one of the supported payment methods. It includes the following information:

  • API security requirements
  • Connection details
  • Flow diagrams for transaction authorization and refund requests
  • Types of supported requests
  • Pre-requisites
  • Structure of each request
  • API responses – structure
  • Errors description
  • Request and response examples
  • List of supported payment methods