Payment Method Gateway


The Payment Method Gateway (PMG) is an API that will allow an integrator to connect to and facilitate payments for a wide range of local payment methods both for customer present and customer not present.

We have made Payment method requests as simple and  secure as possible for you and your customers.

This API specification outlines the requirements to enable the acceptance of payments using one of the supported payment method, it provides the technical detail you need to integrate your platform with Elavon’s Payment Method Gateway.

The integrator of the PMG API should provide its own interface to the shopper PMG will trigger the redirection of the shopper to the payment method provider’s page to complete the payment, and will redirect the shopper after the payment has been completed to a page indicated by the integrator in the initial transaction request.

Get Started

  1. Read through the integration guide.
  2. Decide what payment methods you want to offer.
  3. Request an Elavon project outlining the payment methods you want to offer:
  4. It’s as simple as that, our experts will then guide you through the integration and offer you support along the way.
Note: You must have already integrated into Elavon’s acquiring platform to get kick off this project to add payment methods.