Void Transactions

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When a transaction is processed by Opayo and successfully authorised, it is sent to the bank to settle for the next day. You can cancel a transaction before it is settled using a Void transaction.

You can request to void the following transaction types before they are settled:

  • Payments
  • Refunds

A successful void request cancels the transaction and stops any funds moving before settlement can take place. This saves you and your customer from being charged for the transaction.


    • You must void a transaction on the same calendar day that it was authorised.
    • Void requests are non-reversible.
    • You cannot void a settled transaction, which then requires a Refund.

    Voiding a transaction

    To void transaction you must submit a Void Request to our instructions endpoint for the transaction that you want to void. This is demonstrated in the following example:

    curl https://pi-test.sagepay.com/api/v1/transactions/63629843-AC44-8690-8947-81132A2FB395/instructions  \ -H "Authorization: Basic aEpZeHN3N0hMYmo0MGN...dWhzWFA1MlY0ZkJ0cHVTRHNocktEU1dzQlkxT2lONmh3ZDlLYjEyejRqNVVzNXU="  \ -H "Content-type: application/json"  \ -X POST  \ -d 
      "instructionType": "void" 

    A Successful Void Response

    When a transaction is voided successfully you will receive a response similar to the following example:


    Void Problems

    When you request to void a transaction that has already been settled, you will receive the following error response:

      "description":"Transaction status not applicable",