Repeat Payments

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A Repeat Payment enables you to process a first transaction and one or more additional transactions using the same customer and card details in your POST.

  • There is no restriction on the amount that you can charge.
  • Additional amounts do not need to match the first transaction.
  • Any authorised Opayo gateway transaction under two years of age can be used as the first in a series of Repeat Transactions.
  • We recommend you repeat only against the last successful authorised transaction.

Important: To use Repeat Transactions you must first apply for a Continuous Authority merchant number to be added to your account

Important: You cannot REPEAT a transaction which originated on a MAESTRO card.
Important: In order to use Repeat transactions, you must have supplied the Credential on File fields with the original transaction. If you don't supply these, you won't be able to repeat a payment.

Making a Repeat Payment

To perform a repeat transaction:

  1. Specify the transactionID of the first transaction you want to repeat in the referenceTransactionId field.
  2. Include the amount and currency for the Repeat Transaction.
Note: You can also update the shipping details for the transaction if they are different from the original transaction.
curl \ -H "Authorization: Basic ...cHVTRHNocktEU1dzQlkxT2lONmh3ZDlLYjEyejRqNVVzNXU="  \ -H "Content-type: application/json" \ -X POST  \ -d 
  "description":"Good product repeated",
    "shippingAddress1":"407 St John Street",
    "shippingPostalCode":"EC1V 4AB",
"credentialType": {
  "cofUsage": "Subsequent",
 "initiatedType": "MIT",
"mitType": "Unscheduled"}

Example Response

A successful repeat transaction will receive a response similar to the following example:

  "statusDetail":"The Authorisation was Successful.",