Refund a Transaction

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You can:

  • Refund all successfully authorised transactions processed through your account.
  • Refund transaction payments made by your customer for up to 2 years after the original transaction, or until the card is expired.
  • Refund an amount that is less than the original payment transaction. (A partial refund).
  • Refund a transaction one or more times as long as the sum of the refunds does not exceed the original transaction amount.
Ensure you wait for a success or failure response before retrying.

Performing a Refund

You need two pieces of information to perform a refund:

  • The original transactionId.
  • The amount you want to refund.

For example:

 curl  \ -H "Authorization: Basic aEpZeHN3N0hM...ejRqNVVzNXU="  \ -H "Content-type: application/json"  \ -X POST  \ -d 
  "description":"Bad product refunded"

A Successful Refund Response

You will receive a response for a successfully authorised refund similar to the following example:

  "statusDetail":"The Authorisation was Successful.",

Refund Problems

When the sum of the refunds made for a transaction exceeds the original transaction amount you will receive a response similar to the following example:

  "description":"This refund amount will exceed the amount of the original transaction",