Transaction Monitor

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Opayo guarantees we will inform you about the success or failure of every transaction you send to us.

Note: The Transaction Monitor ignores European Payment transactions as these always have and are guaranteed to give a final response within 60 minutes.

Opayo's Transaction Monitor service runs within our secure private network. It monitors the gateway for unfinished transactions over 15 minutes old. When it finds one, it automatically cancels the transaction and sends a POST to your NotificationURL with a Status of ABORT.

Example scenarios include:

  • When our servers are unable to contact your website and inform you of a transaction's status.
  • If a customer changes their mind about the transaction while on our Opayo payment pages and does not click Cancel. Instead they close their browser or navigate away from the payment session.

The Transaction Monitor lets you know:

  • That a transaction is cancelled.
  • Goods and or services do not need to be shipped.
  • Your customer has not been charged.

The Notification

The notification POST is near-identical to a normal notification. As your customer is no longer online, we do not send a redirection message to the client browser.

Your Response

Your script should reply with a Status and a RedirectURL as it would to any ABORT notification.

When You Do Not Respond

If your site fails to reply to an ABORT Post, the Transaction Monitor service tries again at the following intervals:

  • 5 attempts at 5 minutes intervals
  • 15 attempts at 15-minute intervals
  • 13 attempts at 1-hour intervals
  • 1 attempt per day for the next 29 days

If your site fails to respond after 30 days:

  • The Transaction Monitor stops trying
  • The transaction is marked as completed and failed within MySagePay
Note: When waiting for your response, Opayo classes the transaction as ‘active’. It will not appear within MySagePay, which lists only completed transactions whether successful or not.