Taking Payments

Our Server payment process begins with your customer making a purchase on your website. Their interactions with and experience of your website are entirely up to you.

The payment process is completed in 5 steps: 

  1. Step 1. Your customer goes to checkout:
    1. Your server registers the payment with Opayo
    2. Opayo replies to your payment registration POST
  2. Step 2. Your customer is directed to Opayo:
    1. Customer enters payment details
  3. Step 3. Opayo handles authentication and authorisation:
    1. Opayo checks for 3D-Secure enrolment
    2. Opayo redirects your customer to their Issuer
    3. Issuing bank returns the customer to Opayo
    4. Opayo servers request card authorisation
    5. Opayo contacts your NotificationURL
  4. Step 4. You Confirm the Transaction:
    1. You reply to the Notification Post
  5. Step 5. When the Transaction is complete:
    1. Opayo redirects the customer to your site
    2. Opayo sends Settlement Batch Files

The payment is now complete.


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