SCA Exemptions

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During 3D Secure authentication, a Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) or a frictionless authentication challenge can take place. When you are eligible to bypass 3D-Secure authentication, you can use SCA exemptions.

We recommend that you leave the exemption handling to the card issuer and to always submit a 3D Secure authentication request as, with an exemption:

  • Liability for chargebacks is automatically shifted to you (the merchant)
  • There is an increased chance that transactions will be refused when the card issuer disagrees with the exemption.
Important: We advise that you leave the exemption handling to the card issuer and to always submit a 3D Secure authentication request.
Note: The card schemes advise exemption amount values in EUR. You should convert other currencies using the exchange rate of the day. For example, 30 EUR converts to 25 GBP when the foreign exchange rate for 1 GBP is 1.2 EUR.


When you want to be exempt 3D Secure authentication, you should consult with your acquirer. They will best advise which, if any exemption suits your business needs.


The following exemptions may be available:

Two other exemptions can only be requested for subsequent transactions:

  • Merchant Initiated Transactions (MITs)
  • Recurring payments (refer to the Credential on File section).

Low Value Transaction (LVT)

When the cardholder uses their LVT exemptions on other merchants’ sites, you are unable to accurately apply this exemption. Only the card issuer will know if the LVT exemption counters have been reached. Rules include:

  • The transaction value must be 30 EUR or less (foreign exchange rate equivalent for other currencies).
  • Permitted for a maximum of five consecutive LVTs or a maximum cumulative LVT amount of 100 EUR.
  • On the sixth LVT or when the cumulative LVT amount is over 100 EUR, then 3D-Secure authentication must be performed.

Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA)

When you and your acquirer have a low number of chargebacks over a given number of transactions, you may be eligible to bypass 3D-Secure authentication using the TRA exemption.

TRA exemption for specified amounts are permitted when you or your acquirer’s fraud rate falls within thresholds. The level of TRA exemption your acquirer can provide will first depend on your acquirer’s overall fraud rate, and then yours.

There are 3 levels of TRA exemption listed in the following table. The maximum exemption amount is 500 EUR for very low fraud levels.

Three levels of TRA exemption

Fraud Rate Exemption

Under or equal to 13 bps

Up to 100 EUR

Under or equal to 6 bps

Up to 250 EUR

Under or equal to 1 bps

Up to 500 EUR

Note: Generally, 1 bps = 1 chargeback out of 10,000 transactions.

Trusted Beneficiaries

You can use the Trusted Beneficiaries exemption if the cardholder has added you to a trusted beneficiaries list. Their card issuer can prompt the cardholder to add you to the list when they are logged into their bank account or during a challenge authentication flow.

Secure Corporate Payments

Secure corporate cards and virtual card numbers are exempt from 3D-Secure authentication. These payments are typically Business to Business payments (B2B) that have dedicated corporate processes and protocols in place.

Note: This exemption does not apply for personal corporate cards.

Delegated Authentication

The Delegated Authentication exemption prevents 3D-Secure authentication taking place when you have already performed authentication.

To qualify, you must be accredited with the card schemes to perform 3D-Secure authentication: the card schemes delegate the 3D-Secure authentication to you and you can perform 3D Secure authentication independently of them.

Valid Exemption Values

The values in the following table apply to the ThreeDSExemptionIndicator

ThreeDSExemptionIndicator Values

Values and Descriptions



Max Length

Allowed Values

  • 01 = Low Value Transaction (LVT)

  • 02 = TRA exemption

  • 03 = Trusted beneficiaries exemption

  • 04 = Secure corporate payment

  • 05 = Delegated authentication

(Numbers 06-99 are Reserved for future use)

Conditional on when Apply3DSecure=2



  • 01

  • 02

  • 03

  • 04

  • 05

  • 06-99