Low Profile Payment Pages (Iframe)

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Our optional Low Profile integration enables your customers to interact with the Opayo servers from within an iFrame on your own website page. It demands less design work or formatting compared to the default full-page redirect profile.


Using our Page Customiser, you can customise the pages embedded into your Low Profile iFrame to best match the experience of your own site. For example, you can add your own company logo and a list of items your customer is ordering.

This gives your customer confidence that they can safely choose from the available payment methods, enter their payment details, and agree to complete the transaction.

Important: You cannot accept PayPal transactions or Local European Payments using the Low Profile iFrame integration.

How it Works

Your customer experiences our payment forms from inside an iFrame on your own webpage. For example, when we collect their card details and their billing address.

Note: The Opayo Card Selection and Transaction Confirmation pages are not presented within the Low Profile iFrame and load in a full page. Your customer is then returned to the page you specify in your responses' RedirectURL.

​​An example card details page that sits within the iFrame

3D Secure Integration

When 3D Secure is active on your account, your customer's browser is redirected to the card issuing bank’s full-page 3D-Secure site just like with our default profile.

After your customer completes 3D Authentication (or when 3D Secure is not enabled on your account), your customer returns to the iFrame and waits on the transaction's progress.

We send a Notification POST to your NotificationURL and you should reply with a RedirectURL.


To use a Low Profile payment template you must have an SSL certificate installed on your site and serve the page containing the iframe over HTTPS. Although an HTTP connection remains secure, your page may appear insecure when not using HTTPS.

To activate your Low Profile option, in your Transaction Registration POST, set Profile to LOW .

Important: Your customer is redirected back to an iFrame on the page you specify in the RedirectURL. You will need to encode your site to enable your customer to return their focus from the iFrame back to your main content.