9. Opayo sends Settlement Batch Files

Once per day, from 12:01am, the Opayo system batches all authorised transactions for each acquirer and creates an acquirer-specific settlement file.

Transactions for ALL merchants who use the same merchant acquirer are included in this file. Every transaction (excluding PayPal transactions) that occurred from 00:00:00am until 11:59:59pm on the previous day, are included in the files.

These files are uploaded directly to the acquiring banks on a private, secure connection. This process requires no input from you or your site. The contents of these batches and confirmation of their delivery can be found in the Settlement section of MyOpayo.

The acquirers send summary information back to Opayo to confirm receipt of the file, then later more detailed information about rejections or any errors. If transactions are rejected, we will contact you to make you aware and where possible, resubmit them for settlement.

PayPal Transactions

Funds from your customers’ PayPal payments are deposited into your PayPal Business account immediately and there is no settlement process. You can then withdraw or transfer the funds electronically into your specified bank account.

Although PayPal transactions are included in the Settlement Reports displayed within MyOpayo, as PayPal transactions are not settled by Opayo directly with the banks, we recommend that you log into your PayPal Admin area to obtain a report of your PayPal transactions.


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