3. Customer enters payment details on Opayo’s server

The customer is presented with a page where they can select a payment type. If the customer selects a card type, then their credit or debit card details are requested. If you are a certified PayPal Business account holder and you have activated PayPal on your Opayo account, the PayPal option will also be displayed to your customers on this page. Instructions for setting up PayPal.

The payment type selection page will display your company logo and the Description passed in Your server builds a Confirmation Page. You can elect to customise these pages further by producing your own custom templates. The kit can be downloaded from here. Please note that the most recent responsive designs are not yet customisable, however you can continue to customise and use our older design.

Once the customer has entered their details, the Opayo Form system verifies the information prior to communicating with the bank. We ensure the card number is valid by performing a Luhn check and verification against our Issuer Identification Number database. We also check that the card type selected matches the card number and the expiry date is not in the past. If the customer selects PayPal on the card selection page, the customer is redirected to PayPal to select their payment method, before being returned to the Opayo order confirmation screen.

If valid card details have been entered, the customer is presented with an order confirmation screen where they have one last chance to change their mind and cancel the transaction. If the customer decides to cancel, you will be sent a cancellation message to your FailureURL and the customer will be redirected there.

If your Opayo account is not set up with 3D-Secure or authentication is not active or applicable for this transaction, the next step is for the system to obtain an authorisation. Learn more about requesting an authorisation.


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