1. The customer orders from your site

A payment begins with the customer ordering goods or services from your website.

This process can be as simple as selecting an item from a drop-down list or can involve a large shopping basket containing multiple items with discounts and delivery charges. Your interaction with your customer is entirely up to you and Form integration requires you to collect only a few compulsory pieces of information, which are detailed in the latter part of this guide.

It is a best practice to identify the customer by name, email address, delivery and billing address, and telephone number. It is also important to have your server record the IP address from which the user is accessing your system. Store these details in your session alongside details of the customer’s basket contents or other ordered goods.

You do not need to collect payment data. All your site needs to do is calculate the total cost of the order in whatever currency your site operates in and then present the user with a confirmation page, containing the transaction details in an encrypted, hidden field as explained in the Your server builds a Confirmation Page section.


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