REPEAT Transactions

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After successfully authorising a PAYMENT, or releasing a DEFERRED or an AUTHORISE transaction, you can charge additional amounts to the card using the REPEAT transaction type. This is useful taking regular subscription payments, etc.

Usefully, you can:

  • REPEAT for a different Amount and Currency to the original transaction.
  • Supply to a different delivery address to the original transaction.
Important: You cannot REPEAT a transaction which originated on a MAESTRO card.
Important: To use REPEAT functionality using Protocol 4.00, you will need to have submitted the appropriate Credential On File fields with your initial transaction request. If you haven't done so, you will be unable to REPEAT this transaction.
Note: You do not need to store card details to repeat your transactions.

Register Repeat Transactions

You can register REPEAT transactions using:

REPEAT payments cannot:

  • Be 3D-Secured, or
  • Have CV2 checks performed on them unless you supply this value again. Opayo are not authorised to store CV2 numbers.
Important: We recommend that you REPEAT against the last successful authorised transaction. The Opayo gateway archives all transactions that are older than 2 years old to prevent any subsequent authorisations being made.

Manage Repeat Transactions

When you need to vary the transaction amount on a regular basis, consider using AUTHENTICATE and AUTHORISE.

Important: To take regular REPEAT payments you must have a merchant number issued by your bank that supports recurring payments. This is sometimes called a Continuous Authority.

Repeat a PayPal Transaction

You can REPEAT a PayPal transaction when:

  • The initial transaction was setup as a PayPal Reference transaction, and
  • BillingAgreement is set to 1.


  • You must request approval from PayPal to enable reference transactions on your account.
  • It is not possible to REPEAT PayPal transactions using MyOpayo, you must submit a REPEAT request using the Shared Protocol.