REFUND and VOID Transactions

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You can VOID or REFUND a transaction using:

Void a Transaction

You can VOID a transaction before it is settled with the bank the following morning and avoid unnecessary transaction charges.


  • A VOID transaction cannot be reactivated. Use this functionality carefully!
  • You cannot VOID a settled transaction. That requires a REFUND.

Refund a Transaction

After a transaction is settled, you can no longer VOID it. Instead, you can:

  • REFUND any amount up to the value of the original transaction.
  • REFUND multiple amounts for the same transaction up to the value of the original transaction.


  • Always check the date of the original transaction you want to refund before processing.
  • The Opayo gateway archives all transactions that are older than 2 years old.
  • You cannot REFUND an archived transaction.
  • If you are refunding via the Shared protocol, wait for a success or failure response before retrying.

Refund a PayPal Transaction

You can REFUND a PayPal transaction and cannot VOID it.