Opayo Pi

Take a payment in only 3 steps with an Opayo Payment Integration (Pi).

Step 1. Enable checkout

When you receive a checkout request from your shopper’s browser, display your payments page and add the SagePay.js and your Opayo Merchant Session Key to its code.

Step 2. Collect payment details

Ask your shopper to enter their card details:

  • When you use our Drop-In Checkout integration, your shopper enters their card details into our drop-in UI.
  • When you want full control of the checkout experience you can Integrate Your Own Form. Your shopper enters their card details into a form of your own design.

We capture the card details and transmit them securely to Opayo using the SagePay.js JavaScript library. We will return a single-use Card Identifier token for you to use in your payment request. You can ask to reuse tokens, too

Step 3: Request payment

Use the unique Card Identifier received at Step 2, to submit a payment request from your server and then handle the transaction response.

That's it!

You have taken a payment with Opayo. 

Get Started

For all integrations you must:

To help integrate:


Our World class support and guidance will get you up and running as quickly as possible. 

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