If you’ve already spoken with an Elavon representative and have an assigned Support Engineer, contact them to request an account and credentials.

If you are ready to begin but have not yet spoken to an Elavon representative, visit Contact Us to get started.

URLs and Credentials

The Certification Environment is used to run certification tests and resolve errors, which allows your solution to be certified and to be working as designed.

When your solution passes all certification tests, you will receive credentials and be able to move to Production.


An example of how to format your URL endpoint:



Certification and Production endpoints:

  • Certification:

  • Production:


The above URLs require Mutual Transport Layer Security (mTLS) authentication.


See the Leads API Reference for specific URLs for each API.


For each API, it is necessary to specify the API version number.

Example of how to specify the version number of the create lead operation in the Certification environment:


See authentication to learn more about security methods used for Elavon’s APIs.

Useful Developer Tools

Elavon’s APIs work well in conjunction with other developer tools, such as Swagger for assessing API documentation and Postman for testing API functionality.