Lead Services Overview

Note: If this is your first time here, see prerequisites for more information on how to get started.

A lead can be either an individual or a business that expresses an interest in using Elavon’s payment processing services.

The Lead API allows a referral partner to submit a merchant's lead information to the relevant Elavon team who then contacts prospective merchants directly.

The API can be used to submit all relevant data pertaining to sales referrals. It also offers the ability to update and retrieve lead details or list all leads associated with a partner.

Lead Workflow:

Use POST /leads to create a new lead record. The API returns a unique lead ID (leadId) for each referral.

Use PUT /leads/{leadId} to update an existing lead by passing the specific lead ID (leadId).

Use GET /leads/{leadId} to retrieve the complete details of a single lead by passing the specific lead ID (leadId).

Use GET /leads to retrieve a list of all prospective leads.

Refer to the Leads API Reference for more detailed information, including examples.