TXN Trailer Record (TTR)

Field Name L Position F S Remarks
Record Type 3 1-3 A M Always TTR
Data Record Sequence Number 9 4-12 N M Increment by 1 per data record
TDR Record Count 9 13-21 N M Number of TDR records in batch
AUX Record Count 9 22-30 N M Number of various auxiliary records in batch (TAR, AAR, CCR, HAR, AAR, PAR, PIR, EXD)
Total Record Count 9 31-39 N M
Total number of records in batch
(only TDR records and AUX records)
Credit Transactions Count 9 40-48 N M Number of credit (refund) transactions in batch
Value of Credit Transactions 13 49-61 N M Accumulated value for credit transactions in batch
Debit Transactions Count 9 62-70 N M Number of debit (sale) transactions in batch
Value of Debit Transactions 13 71-83 N M Accumulated value for debit transactions in batch
Net Value of Transactions 13 84-96 N M
Net value of batch (debits minus credits)
Should be an absolute value.
Filler 354 97-450 A M Space-fill