File Processing

File Delivery

The Elavon card acceptance processing systems are available to accept merchant file submissions 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.

Processing Cycle

The Elavon processing cycle commences at 22:15 GMT and runs every day. All files received by 22:15 GMT will be included in that days processing cycle. All files received after 22:15 GMT will be included in the next day’s processing cycle.

Multiple Files

The Elavon processing systems support the ability for multiple files to be delivered per processing day and depending on the time of delivery will include these files in the current processing cycle.


When a file is received by the Elavon processing system, an initial file validation is carried out. This process will include duplicate file checking on approximately the first and last 40 bytes of the file. As well as duplicate file validation there is also validation carried out on a number of fields within the file.