Global Multi-Currency Input File

Purpose of Document

The purpose of this document is to provide detailed information to enable Merchants, third party processors and Suppliers of EFTPOS systems with the necessary information to produce GMCIF files of multi-currency transactions for acquisition by Elavon Merchant Services.

Supporting Documentation

Global Multi-Currency Authorisation Specification (KAAI): This document provides information on the authorisation formats supported by Elavon and details format layouts and field descriptions for multi-currency authorisation requests and responses.

Global Multi-Currency Draft Capture Specification (GICC): This document provides information on the field layout and field descriptions for the Elavon draft capture product. This allows the authorisation and settlement of a transaction simultaneously by the Elavon system.

Support Services

Elavon provides full technical and implementation consultancy to merchants and their software providers, who wish to use the acquisition and processing services of the Europe Card Acceptance Global Multi-Currency service. If you have any questions or queries concerning this document and its contents you should contact your Elavon Implementation Manager.