Reconciliation Number – Field 29

Dual message implementations should set this field to ‘001’.

In a single message configuration, this number corresponds to the internal terminal batch number held and controlled by Elavon. It is incremented with every successful reconciliation/batch closure message received and ranges from 001 to 999. Closure of batch number 999 will restart batch numbering from 001.

The Reconciliation Number is mandatory for all message types with the exception of:

  • 1304 (Exchange Rate Update Request)
  • 1305 (DCC Inquiry Request)
  • 1804 (Network Management Message)

If the incoming Reconciliation Number is not that expected by Elavon, the transaction will be rejected with Response Code 137 (Invalid Batch Number). The correct number expected by Elavon will be returned in Field 29 of the relevant response message.