Dynamic Data

The EGSF settlement file format has the ability to support merchant dynamic data at a transaction level. Dynamic data fields provide a client the ability to customize certain fields. These fields are used for a variety of reasons one of which is for Payment Facilitator transactions, which require additional information about the sub-merchants for that Payment Facilitator. A Payment Facilitator also known as a Payment Service Provider (PSP) or Merchant Aggregator is an entity which accepts transactions on behalf of its sub-merchants including multiple business lines or segments and must be registered with the card associations as such.

Below is a list of dynamic data fields available within the TMA record. Refer to the glossary of data elements for definitions of each.

  • Dynamic Merchant DBA Name
  • Dynamic Merchant City
  • Dynamic Merchant State
  • Dynamic Merchant Zip Code
  • Dynamic Merchant Country Code
  • Dynamic Merchant Street Address
  • Dynamic Merchant Phone Number
  • Dynamic Merchant Email Address
  • Dynamic Merchant Category Code (MCC)
  • Dynamic Sub-Merchant ID
  • Dynamic Sub-Merchant MCC
  • Dynamic Sub-Merchant TAX ID