November 2020 Release (CR43)

We’ve improved our eBoarding API experience including:

  1. S700 Barcode Scanner Correction
  2. Multiple Signer Statuses
  3. German Updates
  4. Poland Updates

1. S700 Barcode Scanner Correction

The item code for the S700 Barcode Scanner previously listed as TALCS, is corrected to TACBS.

2. Multiple Signer Statuses

Customers using our Managed or Guided API flows are now informed of the live signing status of other business owners.

3. German Updates

3.1 Contractual Documentation

EU (Germany) eBoarding API now generates documents for our partners and customers to sign when needed.

3.2 girocard

Our EU eBoarding API now supports the local German debit scheme girocard.

4. Poland Updates

4.1 Polish Diacritics

Polish diacritics including the kreska, ogonek, and stroke now display correctly when signing contractual documents.

4.2 Planned Terms and Conditions Update

From January 1, 2021, we will update our Terms and Conditions for Polish "Sole Trader" (Osoba fizyczna prowadząca DG) and "Partnership" (Spółka cywilna (sc)) ownership types.

Other ownership types will continue to use the Terms of Service already in place.


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