June 2019 Release

Updated September 9, 2019.

Important Note: Although Secured by Elavon products are aimed at PCI Level 3 and Level 4 customers, these updates apply to all application forms and tools. The new fields need to be populated in all applications.

Our June 2019 systems release (Ireland) ensures the proper selection, pricing, and delivery of security products in the Secured by Elavon portfolio. They update the boarding process for all applications made using Global API, printed media, and all other channels.

The release includes the following updates:

  1. PCI Product Updates
  2. Default Legal Country and Full Trading Name Values
  3. Self-board in Poland
  4. Updated Terms of Services

1. PCI Product Updates

1.1 Automatic PCI Level Calculation

This new functionality enables our systems to automatically calculate the correct PCI level for each application based on the estimated number of transactions entered. Customers awarded a PCI Level 3 and 4 are eligible to enroll in the Secured by Elavon program. PCI Levels 1 and 2 are not.

1.2 Mandatory PCI Contact Input

From July we have introduced the new PCI Contact field set to capture the contact details of the person responsible for managing customer PCI Compliance. You can choose to communicate with the existing contact regarding PCI or to enter a new contact’s details.

The details captured are:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • Email address (Required)

The email address is mandatory as the Secured by Elavon portal communicates with our Secured PCI customers using email. Secured Pro customers are contacted by phone.

1.3 New PCI Groups field

This new PCI Groups field replaces the association codes used to exclude customers from the Secured by Elavon program or selected fees. If an exclusion needs to be considered for a customer then one or more of the following need to be entered in this field:

Note: Recall that every customer enrolled in Secured Pro or the Secured Encrypt package is exempt from non-compliance charges regardless of their compliance status.

1.4 PCI Fee Naming

We have improved the PCI Fee naming in our systems, on application forms, and on statements to cement our customers’ and sales teams’ understanding of Secured by Elavon packages and fees.

Fee naming changes

Before Release

On Release

Basic PCI package

Secured PCI

Managed Services Package

Secured Pro

Secured Encrypt

Secured Encrypt

PCI non-compliance fee

(No change)


Note: Customers will receive a notification of the changes before the updates are released.

1.5 PCI Package Selection

A new product table is added to the application form and online boarding platforms improve the transparency of the PCI fee packages and charges. You can select one of two packages and enter fee values that then feed to our systems.

2. Default Legal Country and Full Trading Name Values

Legal Country is now defaulted based on jurisdiction. When possible, Full Trading Name also defaults.

3. Self-Board in Poland

​​The self-board application is now available for Poland.

4. Updated Terms of Services

Our Terms of Services now include a full portfolio of security products and reflect the product description changes included in the release.


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