July 2020 Release

We’ve improved our eBoarding API experience including:

  1. Improved Boarding Flows
  2. Improved Credit Check Service
  3. Push Notifications

1. Improved Boarding Flows

Choose one of two flows to guide your merchant customers through the application and boarding process:

  • The Guided Flow
    Get integrated in the shortest time and with the least effort. Your merchant customers are boarded using:
    • Elavon’s documentation and signing UI
    • Partner branded customer email notifications generated and sent by Elavon
  • The Document Packet Flow
    With a little more effort, integrate a seamless boarding experience within your own environment using:
    • Elavon’s documentation and signing API
    • Your own UI and notification emails

Check out our revised flow diagrams:

2. Improved Credit Check Service

We made our eBoarding API flows even easier to implement. We have taken the effort out of compiling Credit Checks and the service now initiates and completes in the background. You can learn more from the Boarding page in this documentation.

3. Push Notifications

You can now choose to receive Push Notifications of application events including for:

  • Application status
  • Signing status
  • Boarding status


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