August 2021 Release (R46.1)

We have improved our eBoarding API experience including:

  1. Configurable Distribution of Reports
  2. Updated Elavon Logo in Guided Flow
  3. Improved Validation
  4. Opayo Item Codes
  5. Push Notification for Boarding Status
  6. Statement Fee and AMEX Addendum Corrections for Simplified Pricing (Released on July 8, 2021)
  7. Poland Updates

1. Configurable Distribution of Reports

It is now possible to control who receives Europe app submitted reports for PAPI partner subjurisdictions.

2. Updated Elavon Logo in Guided Flow

The Elavon logo displayed on Guided Flow pages and in emails (Review application and Application received) has been updated. The Elavon email banner has also been updated.

3. Improved Validation

3.1 Upload File Size Validation

PAPI has been enhanced with additional file upload validation to ensure limits aren’t exceeded and will return informative error messages if limits are exceeded. Now eBoarding validates uploaded files based on:

  • The max individual file size is 50 MB (52428800 bytes), which in Base64 is equivalent to 66.7 MB (69905068 bytes).
  • Only 5 files can be uploaded at a time.

3.2 Guided Flow Validation for Append and Update

Validation has been added to Guided Flow Append (appendgroupdocumentpacket) and Update (updatedocumentpacket) PAPI operations, so that partners can get useful error messages.

4. Opayo Item Codes

These Opayo equipment item codes are now available via PAPI and Global Boarding API.

Additional Services Additional Service Code Service Pricing Code
Opayo Flex OPA

Flex Ireland – FLXIE


Opayo Plus OPA

Plus Ireland – PLSIE


Opayo Flex Annual OPA Ireland & UK – FLXANL
Opayo Virtual Terminal (VT) OPA

VT Ireland – VTERMIE


5. Push Notification for Boarding Status

Push Notifications for boarding status queried on a thirty minute basis are now available to PAPI partners.

6. Statement Fee and AMEX Addendum Corrections for Simplified Pricing

For Elavon UK, Elavon Poland, and Elavon Ireland, the following changes have been made:

  1. Removed the logic that displays the American Express (AMEX) rate in the Merchant Service Charge (MSC) Table of the Merchant Agreement.
  2. Display the AMEX Addendum when AMEX rate is greater than 0%.

7. Poland Updates

7.1 Enable Cashless Program via PAPI

Polish partners can submit applications with the Cashless program using PAPI.

    7.2 PAPI Managed Flow Opt-Out Checkboxes

    Polish users using PAPI Managed Flow now see opt-out checkboxes in the Terms of Agreement section.


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