April and May 2021 Release (R45)

We have improved our eBoarding API experience including:

  1. Documentation
  2. Push Notifications
  3. Guided Flow
  4. Legal Updates PSD2 Article 59 Compliance
  5. Revised Terms of Service
  6. Equipment Poynt with Talech
  7. Simplified Pricing Program
  8. Poland Updates

1. Documentation

1.1 Document Uploading

Elavon’s background processes now handle higher volumes of documents more quickly and accurately, so you can work more efficiently.

1.2 Electronic Signatures

The size and alignment of electronic signatures are now consistent across all PDF documents with signatures.

2. Push Notifications

Push notifications are currently limited to: Registration, signing, and initial app submission.

In the August release, we will expand boarding status push notifications to be fully supported.

3. Guided Flow

3.1 Multiple applications

The checkbox used to sign multiple applications within a group is now displayed only when there is more than one application in the group.

3.2 Contact Us

The Contact Us details now direct you to the correct Elavon or partner contact.

4. Legal Updates PSD2 Article 59 Compliance

All notes available in the Fees area of our PDF Agreement are fully PSD2 Article 59 compliant for:

  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Norway
  • Poland

5. Revised Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service are revised to include content for:

  • Hybrid Pricing
  • Secure Pro charges

6. Equipment Poynt with Talech

Global Boarding API (GBAPI) and Partner API (PAPI) now accept a TALECH service code. This allows Poynt terminals to come preloaded with Talech Software.

7. Simplified Pricing Program

GBAPI and PAPI now support a new Simplified Merchant Service Charge (SMSC) Pricing Program:

New Simplified Merchant Service Charge (SMSC) Pricing Program

NPP Code

MPP Description




Tier Codes and Descriptions

Tier Code Description
V0 Visa Debit, V-Pay Consumer
V1 Mastercard Debit, Maestro Consumer
V2 Visa Credit Consumer
V3 Mastercard Credit Consumer
V4 Visa Commercial
V5 Mastercard, Maestro Commercial
V6 Non-EEA Visa
V7 Non-EEA Mastercard, Maestro
V8 American Express
V9 DCI/Discover, Union Pay, JCB


8. Poland Updates

8.1 Managed Flow

The application review page now displays the correct Opt In and Opt Out options.

8.2 Fees

New fees have been added to the GBAPI lookup table:

New Fees (Poland)

Fees Description

Fee Code

8.3 Resolved Issues

For the following terminals, we have added the capability of an additional connection type:

  • ICT 250
  • ICT 250+PP
  • Tetra Desk 5000
  • Tetra Desk 5000+PP

The following ConnectionTypeCodes no longer cause an exception:

  • Element key = PW
  • Description = PWPW


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