Step 1. Get Started with Our Managed Flow

Get ready to use our API's Managed Flow to board your customers in minutes instead of days.

In this one-time step we develop our partnership and align you and your systems with our eBoarding API. Go from operational to technical readiness in as little as 8 to 12 weeks.


Managed Flow Step 1 Get Started diagram

a. Become an Elavon Payments Partner

We integrate with our Partners using a thorough and compliant process. This protects you, our partnership, and your customers:

  1. First, we engage with you as our payments Partner.
  2. Together, we identify and agree on custom requirements.
  3. Set Project Start Date.

Our representatives and the API Reference steer your integration with our API.

Get In Touch

b. Integrate with the API and Development

Pre-certification activities help you to integrate with and develop for using our API:

  • You will receive your secure QA and, or Certification credentials.
  • With your credentials, you can work with us in our development environments using Swagger or Postman.

c. With support, Eradicate Errors

Our Solutions Engineering Team will support you to get your first boarding requests submitted without errors before progressing your project to Certification.

d. With support, pass Certification

Usually and with our support, you must complete a pre-certification questionnaire before our Certification Team checks and clears your project for production.

e. Go to Production

On Certification, you will receive your production credentials and you can go to production. We will continue to provide the support you need.

When ready, go to Step 2 and start boarding your merchant customers.

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