Step 3. Prepare and Sign Documentation

Elavon generates all contractual documentation on a case by case basis. Review the Document Signing page for more detail.


Guided Flow Step 3 Prepare and Sign Documentation diagram

a. Use the API to request document packets

The API curates a custom document pack that meets the contractual needs of each merchant location.

b. Execute the document pack

The API emails the Merchant a URL from which to review the application.

c. Your Merchant clicks on the URL

The API initiates the Account Creation flow.

NA implementations

For NA implementations, the API directs the Merchant to complete a mandatory eID Quiz to meet Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

The eID Quiz compares your principle applicants’ profiles against known fraudulent values. It effectively reduces the risk of boarding stolen, modified, and other high-risk identities.

d. Your Merchant reviews, signs, and submits all documents

When your Merchant has reviewed, signed, and submitted all documents, go to Step 4.

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