General Boarding

When the Credit Check is successful, you can board the merchant onto the Elavon Processing platform.

Data Requirements

You can POST data to the board endpoint using JSON. If no errors occur, a Merchant Identification (MID) Number is returned and the applicant is boarded.

Note: As the fields used in boardingRequestParams are a super-set of those used in the creditCheck call, only new fields are detailed explicitly in this guide.

Boarding data

Element Description
Top level Boarding Tags

The high-level elements that are not nested in sections.


Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is optional for boarding as a business may not engage in DCC.


billingStatement describes how the business would prefer to receive billing information. It is Required for boarding.


fundingStatement describes how the business prefers to receive funding information. This is Optional for boarding


electronicStatement describes how the business would prefer to receive electronic statements. Required for boarding.


valueAddedInfo captures the value-added services applied to the application. It is Optional for boarding.


The equipmentInfo objects are optionally provided when the equipment is managed by Elavon.


The fees section establishes the amount, quantity, frequency, and type of fees. Each section creates a separate fee product.


The siteSurvey helps in the assessment of business resources and capacity.


The contact section uses the same elements as the Credit Check Flow's contactInfo, collecting all the information needed to connect with the merchant personally including:

  • Address

  • Phone number

  • Email address

This information may be different from their residence, business, or legal information.


Abbreviations and encoded values

A list of abbreviations and values is available on the General Element Codes page. For example, you can find the codes for country states, languages, and types of ownership. You can also lookup Merchant Category Codes.


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