Development Environments

You can download the eBoarding API YAML file from the API Reference and explore it using services such as Postman and Swagger.

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Elavon recommends using Postman to help get you testing fast. Postman is a versatile, free to try, and easy to install application with subscription levels to suit your enterprise scale. Swagger is one of many other options.


As our Partner, you will be issued with an account and credentials to access our secure development environments.

Our environments





Begin testing and resolving errors in the certification environment. The process has two parts:

  • Submit your application without errors. Your Elavon Solutions Engineer will help you.

  • Certification testing. Work with Elavon Certification Analysts to pass a small set of certification tests based on your specific business needs.



After your application has passed the certification tests, you will receive your production credentials and we go live!


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Using Postman

Although this online guide is a good way to get a high level understanding of how our eBoarding APIs work, when you're ready to start playing with real data and testing our APIs, we recommend downloading Postman

Please reach out to your Elavon Relationship Manager (see Contact Us) to receive API credentials and import our Postman Collections.

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Using Swagger

Swagger is an online portal used to access the most recent Partner eBoarding API requests and responses.

Navigating Swagger

When logged on to Swagger using a desktop computer, you can scroll through sections or use CTRL+F (Cmd+F on Mac) to search for specific items.

The Swagger code view.
Figure 1. The Swagger code view.

Click Model to explore detailed data formats. Use the expand buttons to expand and collapse contents.

Swagger's Model view
Figure 2. Swagger's Model view

Click Example Value to return to the sample code.


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