Credit Check Flow

Our Credit Check service validates your merchant's credit status against Elavon's Credit Policy. The valid endpoints, example requests, and responses are in the API Reference credit check flow section.

Note: Operations that are available only in Europe (EU) or in North America (NA) are clearly labelled in the API Reference.

Data Requirements

creditCheck data validation includes business, personal, and banking information.

Important: Data must parse unchanged between the Credit Check and Boarding service.

creditCheck data



Top Level Credit Check tags

The top-level Credit Check keys and values not nested in arrays.


The principal section records details of the individual responsible for card processing services on behalf of the merchant’s business.


The businessInfo section streamlines and informs the application approval and compliance process. It captures key information including:

•             Legality

•             Function

•             Products

•             Ownership

•             Longevity


financialInfo gathers financial information related to the merchant’s business including how payments are processed and what affects the process.


Information about additional shareholders is important for the purpose of a credit check when the principal is not the sole owner of the company.


The information must be collected for each shareholder with a 25% or greater interest in the business.


The shareholder data model is a clone of principal and wraps repeating instances of shareholder. Refer to the additionalShareholders model in the API Reference.


Each cardCharge call represents one card type. For example, to charge Visa Credit and Visa Debit cards, there must be a chargeCard record for each card type.


Boarding requires the collection of all related business bank account information. Optionally, additional billing and chargeback accounts may be provided following the same data format used for DEPOSIT bank account types.


In the EU region, DEPOSIT is the only valid bank account type.


Abbreviations and encoded values

A list of abbreviations and values is available on the General Element Codes page. For example, you can find the codes for country states, languages, and types of ownership. You can also lookup Merchant Category Codes.


The eBoarding API includes calls to automate data validation. The following links go to the POST and GET calls in the API Reference's Credit Check Flow section:

Credit Check Responses

An approved or conditionally approved Credit Check returns the creditCheck Token required for boarding.

creditCheck Responses.






APPROVED. Proceed the application to Boarding with the creditCheck token.


The creditCheck has been referred to additional checks. Proceed the application to Boarding with the creditCheck token. Boarding will not complete before the creditCheck decision is approved.


DECLINED. The application cannot proceed further.

SMU Staging

(Internal use)

RMU Staging

(Internal use)


For mock services and testing, you can use a Credit Check response code as the principle's middle name to return the corresponding response. By default, leaving the middle name field blank returns the AS (Approved Successfully) response.


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