eBoarding Overview

Our Partner eBoarding API facilitates a fully digital boarding experience. It leverages our powerful underwriting and Anti Money Laundering (AML) screening capabilities.

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What do we need?

You must be an Elavon Partner to use the eBoarding API. Our Representatives will guide you through the setup process.

How does the API work?

As our Elavon Partner, use the eBoarding API to board your merchant customers in just four steps:

Step 1. Administration

Administration includes:

  • Starting the application process.
  • Collecting necessary personal and business data.
  • Signing contractual documents and capturing consent.

Step 2. Complete a credit check

When approved, this mandatory credit check returns a creditCheck Token used to complete customer boarding

Step 3. Board your customer

Confidently welcome your customer.

Step 4. Store documents

Upload all documentation for secure storage.

flow diagram of the four stages of our Elavon Partner eboarding api process
High-level stages of the eBoarding API flow 


Our Representatives will guide you through your implementation. The eBoarding API documentation offers an overview.

API Reference

The API Reference lists and demonstrates valid endpoints, example requests, and responses. Operations that apply only to Europe (EU) or to North America (NA) are clearly labeled.

eBoarding Overview

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