Getting Started

Follow these steps to connect to our certification environment and begin testing your application.

1. Read the Documentation

Developers should review this eBoarding API guide thoroughly before planning and building an application. 

2. Get a Test Account

Contact your Elavon representative or your assigned Solutions Engineer to set up an account and credentials.

If you have not been assigned your Elavon representative then please email us at

With your account and credentials, you can connect to our demo environment to view API data models and perform high-level structural data validation.

3. Test your Integration 

With your account credentials, you can begin testing and resolving errors in the certification environment.

The process has two parts:

  1. Submit your application without errors. Your Elavon Solutions Engineer will help you. 
  2. Work with Elavon Certification Analysts to pass a small set of certification tests based on your specific business needs.

The testing and certification environment is at

4. Go Live

After your application has passed the certification tests, you will receive your production credentials and move to production.

The Swagger Environments

Swagger is an online portal used to access the most recent API requests and responses that pertain to the e-boarding Partner API.

Use your API username and password to access Swagger in our environments:

Navigating Swagger

When logged in to Swagger, scroll through the sections or use CTRL+F (Cmd+F on Mac) to search for a specific API call.

The Swagger code view.
Figure 1. The Swagger code view.

Click Model to explore detailed data formats. You can expand and collapse the data model using the levers (caret symbols).

Swagger's Model view
Figure 2. Swagger's Model view

Click Example Value to return to the sample code view (Figure 1.).



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