Become An Elavon Partner

As our Partner, our eBoarding API automates your merchant underwriting and on-boarding processes. You can process transactions in hours instead of weeks.

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Our Process

We integrate our Elavon Partners using a thorough and compliant process that protects our partnership and your customers. The process is usually completed in only 8 to 12 weeks and includes the following steps:

Project kick-off and Pre-Certification Activities

  • Our prospective partner engages with Elavon.
  • Our prospective partner reviews the eBoarding documentation.
  • The project start date is defined.

Integrating with the API and Development

  • QA and, or Certification credentials are provided to the Partner.
  • Our Partner refers to the API documentation.
  • The Solutions Engineering team will provide help to get your first boarding request submitted without errors.
  • Guidance is provided to properly handle error scenarios.
  • Our Partner transitions to the Certification Team.


  • Our Partner completes certification tests based on a pre-certification questionnaire.
  • The Certification Team provides guidance to eliminate all errors.

Production Release

  • Our Partner receives production credentials.
  • Production support is provided as needed.

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