eBoarding Overview

Elavon's eBoarding API facilitates a fully digital boarding experience. It leverages Elavon's powerful underwriting and Anti Money Laundering (AML) screening capabilities. 

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Developers should review this eBoarding API guide thoroughly before planning and building an application. 

How the API Works for You

Our Elavon Partners use the eBoarding API to board their merchant customers in just four steps:

  1. Start administration. This step includes:
    1. Collecting necessary data.
    2. Signing contractual documents.
    3. Capturing consent.
  2. Complete a credit check. On approval, this mandatory credit check returns a Credit Check Token used to complete customer boarding.
  3. Board your customer.
  4. Upload all documentation for secure storage.

The four stages of our Elavon Partner eboarding api process
The high-level eBoarding API flow

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