DCC Exchange Rates

The DCC exchange rates are made available from the Elavon Authorisation Host via the online look-up inquiry response.

Note: The format of the Exchange Rate request message can be found in the relevant Authorisation protocol specification.

The exchange rates are updated on the host daily. They are typically valid for up to 30 hours. Elavon supports settlement in 17 currencies with an exchange rate available for each. (Go to the list DCC currencies). 

The exchange rates configured on the Authorisation Host are set at a customer level. The online inquiry message is supported at a terminal level. The exchange rates will vary based on the mark-up agreed with each individual customer. It is critical that the PSP supports the exchange rates based on the individual customer agreement.

Exchange Rate Sources

Elavon receives the base Exchange Rates from our Sponsor Bank, U.S. Bank.



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