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Elavon Europe’s Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) Service is developed using conversion from our Elavon host.

Online DCC sends a real-time online look-up inquiry message to Elavon to determine if the payment card is eligible for DCC. When a card is eligible, the response message includes the chosen currency, current exchange rate, and the applicable mark-up. The mark-up percentage may be the:

  • Standard percentage mark-up, or
  • Mark-up percentage over ECB.

Using this method, the PSP does not store a BIN file locally on the POS device. The BIN is managed by the Elavon host. This ensures that the correct DCC eligible currency is always sent back in the online lookup response message.

You benefit from not worrying about a device storing old or out of date exchange rates. The current rate will always be sent back in the look-up inquiry message response.

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Elavon will issue the key elements and specifications required for you to develop for the DCC Service on POI solutions including the:

  • Elavon DCC Integration Guide.
  • Authorisation Protocol Specification.
  • Settlement Protocol Specification.

Note: The Authorisation and Settlement protocol specifications outline the exact DCC messages format for sales, refunds, voids, pre-authorisation, etc., and the online inquiry request messages format.

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Mandatory Capabilities

The DCC service must be supported and configurable at a TID level. The customer may have multiple TID’s associated to a MID and only want to support DCC on specific TIDs.

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DCC Check List

You must complete the following before performing DCC in a production environment:

  • Certify the PSP with Elavon. (Read the DCC Certification Process).
  • Load the Application ID assigned during Certification to the Production Authorisation Host and add it to the Authorisation Request messages. The Application ID is constructed from the:
    • Authorisation Specification Version
    • Software Version
    • Device Type
    • Market Segment
    • Capture Type
    • Communications method used
  • Enable the customer account for DCC on the Elavon boarding and processing systems.
  • Register the customer details with Visa® for them to participate with the DCC Service.
  • Ensure Authorisation and Settlement formats adhere to the message protocols provided by Elavon.

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