Dynamic Currency Conversion

Purpose of this document

This document details the functional requirements to develop Elavon’s Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) Service.

Elavon’s Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) Service can be developed in 2 different ways (Online DCC & Device Based DCC) and this document details both methods. Both methods are explained in Different Methods to develop DCC.


This document covers the core elements required to process DCC transactions via various Point of Interaction (POI) Solutions. The requirements are specific to DCC processing within the European Union (EU) & Northern Europe Regions only. The document outlines an overview of the Service; when it can and should be offered to end consumers, the benefits of the service to the end consumers and customer, required elements that need to be shown to the end consumer before they make their choice, receipt requirements along with mandated and best practise processes and behaviours to adhere to.

Out of Scope

This document does not include:

  • DCC requirements for locations outside of the European Union & Northern Europe.
  • DCC requirements for ATM processing.
  • Detailed formats of Authorisation or Settlement messages. Full details can be found in the appropriate Authorisation and Settlement protocol documentation supplied separately.