Dynamic Currency Conversion

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This guide outlines the functional requirements of developing for Elavon’s Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) service.


This DCC guide includes the core elements required to process Point of Interaction (POI) transactions using DCC. The jurisdictions covered are the European Union (EU) and Northern Europe Regions.

The Elavon DCC service benefits and conditions are discussed in some detail including:

  • An overview of the Service.
  • When it can and should be offered to your end consumers.
  • The benefits of the service to your customers and end consumers.

We also make clear:

  • What content must be shared with your end consumers before they choose a currency to debit.
  • Receipt requirements.
  • Mandatory and best practise processes and behaviours we should adhere to.

Out of Scope

This guide does not include:

  • DCC requirements for locations outside of the EU and Northern Europe.
  • DCC requirements for ATM processing.
  • Documentation on Authorisation and Settlement messages is shared separately.
  • Device based DCC.
  • PSTN connection POS device.

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What is DCC?

Elavon’s DCC service enables Visa®, MasterCard®, and Diners® cardholders to pay for goods and, or services in their home currency, or to choose to pay in one of over 80 local currencies when travelling abroad.

DCC is useful to customers with a high number of international transactions. Popular market sectors include travel, entertainment, and services at tourist destinations.

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Our Elavon DCC customers benefits include:

  • Rebate. Maximise revenue from international consumers and receive a percentage of the sales price back as a rebate.
  • Customer service. Enhance the consumer’s payment experience.
  • Lower bills. Service fees can be offset with DCC rebates.
  • Automatic card recognition makes DCC simple for staff to offer.
  • Single statement and single settlement for acquiring and DCC transactions.
  • Reduced disputes and chargebacks.

Your consumers benefits include:

  • No need to be familiar with a local currency.
  • Understanding prices in their own currency and knowing exactly what will appear on their statement.
  • Locking-in the day’s exchange rate.
  • Tracking payments in their own currency on personal and business statements.

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How DCC Works

Elavon’s DCC service is supported for both Card Present (CP) and Card Not Present (CNP) transactions made using DCC-eligible Visa®, MasterCard®, and Diners®  branded credit and debit cards. DCC may be offered for Proximity Payments where the transaction amount is above the cardholder verification limit.

DCC is performed before the transaction is presented to Elavon for authorisation with the Card Associations.

When presenting a payment card, DCC is offered to the paying cardholder (the consumer). The DCC rate must be agreed between the consumer and the charging customer. The local currency is the pricing currency and the agreed currency is the transaction currency.

The cardholder must agree to pay the total transaction price, which includes the cost of the DCC service. This is calculated to include:

  • The price of the goods or service (the transaction amount).
  • The currency conversion exchange rate.
  • Sundry charges including our customer’s mark up.

Example Transaction

Example transaction choice
Example DCC choice comparisson.

In the example:

  1. Our consumer purchases £100 of goods or services.
  2. On presenting their payment card and agreeing to DCC, the amount is converted into Euro at the exchange rate of the day and including all commissions and fees.
  3. The amount is agreed by the consumer to be €134 at an exchange rate of 1.34.
Note: Read the Transaction Flows section for more detail on the payment process.

DCC Support

Elavon’s DCC service is supported for both card present (CP) and card not present (CNP) transactions made using DCC-eligible Visa®, MasterCard®, and Diners®  branded credit and debit cards. DCC may be offered for Proximity Payments where the transaction amount is above the cardholder verification limit.

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DCC is currently prohibited on:

  • Card Schemes processed through Elavon other than Visa®, MasterCard®, and Diners®.
  • Transactions with Cashback.
  • Low value contactless transactions where the transaction amount is less than or equal to the applicable Card Verification Method (CVM) limit, or on any Contactless Transactions on which a ceiling limit applies.

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