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The following is an overview of the main features in the daily usage of the WooCommerce Converge plugin.

Placing an order

To create new Authorization Only transaction using Elavon Converge EU Gateway plugin, you need to make sure that the Payment Action option in the back office is set to Authorize and Delayed Capture, along with other options:

Enabled/Disable = Checked; Environment = Sandbox (in case of test transaction); Processor Account ID, Merchant Alias, Public Key, Secret Key = valid data provided by Converge

Payment Action = Authorize and Delayed Capture

To create a new Sale transaction only the Payment Action option should be changed:

Enabled/Disable = Checked; Environment = Sandbox (in case of test transaction); Processor Account ID, Merchant Alias, Public Key, Secret Key = valid data provided by Converge

Payment Action = Authorize and Immediate Capture

The payment procedure is similar for guests and logged in users.

To initiate a payment via Converge:

  1. Access the Checkout page from the WooCommerce store view.
  2. Populate the Billing and Shipping Addresses.
  3. Select the Elavon Converge EU Gateway as a payment method
  4. Click Place Order.

Payment via Hosted Payments Page (HPP)

If HPP is selected on the configuration page, once you select Elavon Converge EU and place the order, the HPP opens.

Note: The actual HPP screen may vary depending on the options enabled in Converge. To configure the HPP, refer to the Converge User Guide.

From this page, two options are available:

  • Cancel Payment
  • Pay

HPP – Cancel payment

If you select the Cancel option, the payment and the order will be canceled and you are then redirected to the shopping cart from where you can initiate a new order with the same products if needed.

Cancel record and return to the shopping cart

HPP – Checkout

If you do not want to cancel your payment, you need to enter the card details (number, expiry date, and security code) and then click Pay.

Continue with Pay option

Two possible outcomes can happen after you click Pay:

  • Payment is Declined
  • Payment is Accepted
HPP Checkout – Declined

When your payment is declined, you will be redirected to WooCommerce from where you can try to pay for the order again.

HPP – Payment is declined

HPP Checkout – Accepted

When your payment is accepted, you will be redirected to WooCommerce where the details for the order are displayed.

HPP – Payments is accepted

Payment via Lightbox

If Lightbox is selected in the configuration page, the checkout page will be the same as if HPP was selected.

If you continue, a new page displays containing information about the order (number, date, total and payment method) and the option to “Pay with Converge”.

Additional page with Pay button when Lightbox is selected

Selecting Pay with Converge opens the pop-up where you can enter the card details and pay.

WooCommerce Store – Lightbox

Similar to payment with HPP, the payment can be accepted or declined, and the behavior in each case is the same.

Stored shopper

For the logged-in users that select the option Save for later use on the checkout page, the details are saved in Converge. If a user changes the details (name, address) and creates a new order using the Save for later use option, the profile is also updated in Converge.

Stored card

Add card

Logged in users have additional options to store credit cards used for payment on HPP, so it can be used for future payments without leaving the WooCommerce store.

In order to do this, you need an active account created in the WooCommerce store and to be logged in before reaching the checkout page. After doing that, on the checkout page, there is an additional option to store card for later use:

WooCommerce Store – Save card for later use

Once you make a successful payment, with this option selected, the card used to process payment in both Converge and WooCommerce is saved.

To view card stored in WooCommerce you should navigate to the following screen:

  • WooCommerce Store (Logged In) -> My Account -> Payment methods

    WooCommerce Store – Cards stored in WooCommerce

Delete card

You have an option to delete a stored card directly from WooCommerce. Click Delete next to the card to delete it from Converge. If the merchant deletes card from Converge, synchronization with WooCommerce does not exist so the user is still able to see the card in WooCommerce with an option to delete it manually themselves.

Pay with stored card

Once the card is stored, you can use it to initiate a payment. To do that, perform the same steps as for HPP payment for the logged-in user until the checkout page. The stored cards will be visible below the payment method name and you can select one of them to pay for the next order:

WooCommerce Store – Stored card checkout

Once you click on the Place Order button, API call to the Converge will be made in the background, and depending on the response we will get:

  • Error message - in case the payment is declined by Converge
  • Newly created order number - in case the payment is accepted by Converge


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