Back Office Configuration

Once the plugin is successfully installed, follow the steps below to configure the various integration options supported.

  1. Login to the OpenCart Admin Panel.

  2. Go to Extensions | Extensions | Payments.

  3. Tick Edit Elavon Converge EU Gateway Payment Settings

    The options available for configuration display.


By default, this option is disabled. This needs to be checked to ensure the Converge plugin option displays on the checkout page.


This option allows you to switch between the sandbox and production environments. Select Sandbox to send transactions to your Elavon Converge EU Gateway “Test/UAT” Account, and Production to send transactions to your “Live Production” Account.

Note: The credentials for each environment are different.


This option allows you to enter a specific title; this displays as the payment method title which the customer sees during the checkout process. By default, the title is set to Elavon Converge EU Gateway.

Debug Log

Debug logging can be enabled if you are having issues processing transactions correctly.

All debugging messages are cleaned of sensitive information before being displayed. However, do not enable this unless you are having issues with the plugin.

Processor Account Id

This is a unique ID used to identify merchants when connecting to Converge. The ID is provided by the Elavon Converge Helpdesk.

Merchant Name

Trading as, operating as, doing business as, fictitious, or assumed name, which may be different than the legal name. This value is automatically received from Converge based on the value for the Processor Account Id.

Merchant Alias

This is a unique ID that acts as a username for authentication. The ID is provided by your Elavon Converge Helpdesk.

Public key

The public key for your account, provided by your Elavon Converge Helpdesk.

Secret key

The secret key for your account, provided by your Elavon Converge Helpdesk.

Payment Action

This option controls how transactions are submitted to Converge. You may select either Authorize and Immediate Capture or Authorize and Delayed Capture. If you select Authorized and Delayed Capture, you must initiate a manual capture after the transaction is submitted. This can be completed via the OpenCart orders screen.

By default, this is set to Authorize and Immediate Capture.

Integration Option

Enable Lightbox if you would like to display the Elavon Converge EU Gateway hosted payments page as a pop-up on the OpenCart payment page (uses javascript to show a pop-up window which appears seamlessly, keeping shoppers on your site for payment).

Enable HPP if you would like to redirect the shopper directly to the hosted payment page on Elavon servers from the OpenCart checkout page. (Cardholder information is collected securely and not stored on merchant server).

Converge Email

This option allows you to choose if Converge should send emails to the shopper’s email address. By default, this option is set to No (disabled).

License Code

This value for this field is provided by Converge and should be sent with each transaction.

Note: This field is optional and can be left blank.

Dynamic Descriptor Settings

The options under this section affect what appears on your shopper’s credit card statement.


The value in the business name field of a shopper's statement. Company name/DBA section and the product descriptor contain an * in between. The name must be a max of 25 characters.


The value in the phone number field of a shopper's statement. The phone must be a maximum of 20 characters.


The value in the URL/web address field of a customer's statement. The URL must be 13 characters or shorter.


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