New Installation

The steps to install the Elavon Converge EU Gateway plugin are:

  1. Unzip archive.

  2. Log in to your Magento 1.x hosting site using SSH/FTP connection.

  3. Open the Magento root directory.

  4. Copy the unzipped files into the Magento root folder.

    Magento root folder structure should look like this:

  5. Update the environment configuration page (app/etc/local.xml) with the following lines below the “</dev>” option:

  6. Clear cache.

    1. Go into System | Cache Management.

    2. Select all the files in the list.

    3. Select Refresh in the dropdown menu.

    4. Click Submit.

  7. Confirm installation and activation.

    1. Go to System | Configuration | Advanced.

    2. Under Disable Modules Output, check that Elavon_ConvergeGateway displays in the list.

      If it does, it means that you did everything correctly and that you’re ready to go.


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