How Can Integrators Manage Their Own Wallet

Converge can manage your wallet for you through the Shoppers and Stored Cards resource. It can also automate your scheduled payments through the Plans and Subscriptions resources. However, if you want to manage your wallet by yourself, there is a way on how to do this by assigning values to certain parameters in the Transactions resource.

The credentialOnFileType and credentialOnFileData parameters of the Transactions resource must be used to manage your own wallet. The value for credentialOnFileData is not initially available. You must first create the initial transaction and set the credentialOnFileType to any of the following:

  • subscription - A subscription is a series of scheduled transactions with a fixed amount. This is commonly used by businesses that collect payments for their products or services in multiple installments. An example is a monthly membership to an application that gives you access to its features.
  • recurring - Recurring payments are a series of scheduled transactions with a variable amounts. This is commonly used by businesses that collect payments for their products or services in multiple installments. An example is monthly payments to a utility company where payments are expected monthly but the amount to be paid varies depending on usage.
  • unscheduledCardholderInitiated - There are cases when a cardholder would make multiple unscheduled transactions using the same credentials. An example is an online shopping site where purchases are made without a fixed timetable but with the same card.
  • unscheduleMerchantInitiated - There are cases when a merchant may need to create unscheduled transactions using a customer's card stored on file. An example is a fee that is incurred after an initial transaction is performed, such as no-show or cancellation fees in an appointment system.

Once you receive the response for the initial transaction, take note of the credentialOnFileData value. This value will be used in the succeeding transactions for the selected credentialOnFileType.

Aside from setting up the initial transaction, note that you are responsible for storing, managing, and securing the credentialOnFiledata, card details, and payment schedule, if required. Converge will not store or manage these details on your behalf if you are managing the wallet by yourself. It is therefore recommended to allow Converge to manage your wallet. For more information regarding Converge-managed wallets, see the following pages:

For integrator-managed wallets, see the following pages for detailed steps on setting up the initial and succeeding transactions for each credentialOnFileType: