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To set up your Hosted Payments Page, you'll need a Converge account and the following pieces of information:

  • Merchant Alias

  • Public Key

  • Secret Key

Key Security

Do not, under any circumstances, expose your secret key to external connectors. Merchant Alias and Public Key are safe to expose to shoppers as part of a Hosted Payments Page redirect.

Missing Keys or Alias

Elavon gives each of these pieces of information at onboarding. If you are missing one or more of them, please contact Elavon product support.

Set Up Hosted Payments in Converge

Before you start coding, make sure that the settings for your Hosted Payments Page are properly set in Converge. These settings control the look and feel of your page as well as what shopper information the page will collect.

  1. You will need to log in to Converge to adjust these settings.
  2. Go to the Converge web UI and log in to your account.
  3. Navigate to Settings. Then, navigate to the Hosted Payments Page section.
  4. You'll need to go through a couple of fields on this page and confirm that the settings either match what you want or adjust your configuration.

Image of Converge UI indicating the Settings and Hosted Payments Page menu items.


Enable Digital Wallet Payments

You can enable digital wallet payments from the Hosted Payments Page Settings. This allows customers to use Apple Pay or Google Pay payments for their transactions. To do this, simply toggle the Apple Pay or Google Pay button. Note that these options are only available for NA merchants.

Choose Data Fields

Select which of the three data fields configurations your page should show.

  • Payment Info Only

  • Payment Info and Billing Address

  • Payment Info, Billing Address, and Shipping Address

How these fields are configured will affect what information Converge saves and displays in the UI and what type of transactions Converge is able to conduct. It also has some implications for what information your server will need to provide to Converge. We'll discuss this more alongside other server-side development topics.

Adjust Look and Feel

You can also customize some aspects of the look and feel of the page to make it match closely to your company's branding.

  • Use the Logo toggle to enable or disable a custom logo for the page.
  • Use the Company Name toggle to enable or disable displaying your company name on the payment page.
  • Use the Colour section to alter the colour of the payment buttons on the form.
  • Adjust the button text from several preset options.

Change it Later

Not sure about one of the settings on your Hosted Payments Page? That's okay. You or another person at your business can easily change the form later.


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